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How to make believe with your awesome Prince

#SpendItWell Yesterday Marks and Spencer urged the nation to turn their four daily autopilot decisions into more enriching choices, to say ‘no’ instead of defaulting to ‘yes’, to make decisions that count. Make your day count today and choose an activity that will enrich your life and enable you to appreciate the small things that bring the greatest joy.

The speed of life today means we have to consciously make decisions to switch off, zone out and be in the moment.  To totally appreciate the NOW.

So today we challenge you to get back to basics and indulge in some quality make believe, pretend play with your own awesome Prince.

Here are our top favourite benefits of pretend play to aid child development:

  • develops social skills
  • encourages social interaction
  • aids language development
  • stimulates imaginations in a BIG way
  • boost self-esteem and confidence

Does your little Prince dream of being the next Tim Peake?  If so here’s what you need to take your little boy into his own magical space make believe world.

  1. A budding astronaut – let the children decide whether or not to dress up.
  2. Every astronaut needs a space helmet.
  3. Make some cupcakes with your astronaut and go to town on the space decoration!  Pinterest has some great ideas!
  4. BIG Imagination!  Imagination is pivotal to life.  Let imaginations go wild!
  5. A Kiddiewinkles Outer Space and Rocket Play tent provides the perfect stimulus to get those creative juices flowing.  Measuring 165cm tall a whole space team can fly off to the moon!  With an abundance of space features on all 4 sides of the Kiddiewinkles play tent and on the roof little astronauts will have hours of fun planning their inter-galactic space missions.  The pale blue front depicts a space station with launch controls and an astronaut porthole window.  The door can be tied up with handy velcro ties for easy access.  Each side features a rocket with porthole windows to inspire hours of space adventures.

See the 360 rotation here.

Quote 20% OFF PLAY at the checkout for 20% off any playhouse.

Share your #SpendItWell moments and Space Worlds with us @mykiddiewinkles



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